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Gabriela Marian


Prof. Dr. Gabriela Marian

Medic primar psihiatru, profesor emerit

Marian Gabriela MD, PhD, is the Professor of Psychiatry in the "Titu Maiorescu University" Faculty of Medicine. She has expertise in health services management and currently leads the VIIIth psychiatric ward of "Prof. Dr. Al. Obregia" Hospital in Bucharest, Romania.

From the beginning of her academic career she attended numerous congresses, conferences and symposiums both in Romania and abroad. She attended graduate specializations in areas such as forensics, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, addiction and other topical issues of psychiatry.

Prof. Dr. Marian professional value and prestige are certified by over one hundred scientific papers. During her career she was took part of numerous organizational and scientific committees of major national and international events. She has also conducted over 40 clinical studies in the psychiatric field as PI while also taking part in various international and national grant research teams. Many of the courses and lectures that she presented inspired the development of new medical attitudes towards psychiatric disorders.

In recognition of her European and international prestige Prof. Marian has been invited in the following professional associations: The European Psychiatric Association, The Romanian Psychiatric Association, Balint Association of Romania, Romanian Society of Biological Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.

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